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Windmill Water Pump Original Sculpture copper wood signed 1978 Mike Hinz Heinz ?

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This vintage sculpture from the 1970s is constructed of copper on a wood base.  The windmill sculpture is a carefully crafted working “model” of a water pump windmill.  This small windpump has moving parts --- although, of course, it is not pumping any water into the round copper tank.  The copper sculpture is on a wood base; it is a cross section of a tree or shrub branch or trunk (it looks like cypress).  The wind pump is surrounded by a fence – with three horizontal rows of copper wire (strung along the fence posts).

This agricultural  / farming / ranching icon has been in our collection for almost twelve years.  We purchased it at an estate sale in the Virginia suburbs of Washington, D.C.

It is signed on the bottom and dated 1978.  It is most likely by an American artist / craftsman.  The signature appears to be Mike Hinz (but perhaps we are misreading the last name).  

The artist’s / sculptor’s / craftsman’s work is exceptional.  It is fabricated from copper wires and tubing (of several gauges) and sheeting.  The quality of the work (including the soldering) suggests that this was certainly done by a professional artist.  Perhaps someone who went to fine craft shows and galleries in the 1970s and 1980s will recognize the name – and be able to tell us more about the artist.

The total height is about 12 ½” (including the wood base which is about 1 ½” tall).  The water tank is about 2 1/8” in diameter and 1 5/8” tall.  The base is 7 ½” across.

This is a great work of art to display alone.  It could also be incorporated with trains, dolls, dioramas, etc. that are the correct scale.  It would be a great piece for a collection of unique pieces with a farm, ranch, or agricultural theme.  We have always displayed it as a sculpture by itself, but thinking outside of the box, there are all kinds of creative uses for it!

It is in good vintage condition with not much evidence of age / handling / wear.  We  only dusted it.  The new owner might want to clean the top surface of the wood a bit more (since there is more dust accumulated in the nooks and crannies).


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