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Wedgwood Gray Jasperware Heart Tray signed Master Craftsman Mike Hughes 1994 HTF

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Wedgwood Gray Jasperware Heart Tray / Dish signed Master Craftsman Mike Hughes 1994 HTF

This heart shaped Wedgwood dish is signed (in 1994) on the back by Wedgwood’s Master Craftsman Mike Hughes.   Michael Hughes has been with the Wedgwood company for decades.   His travels, demonstrations and lectures have permitted many to learn a lot more about the craft and history of this legendary English firm.   If you google his name, you can find links to videos he has done --- including one done with Lord Wedgwood and Martha Stewart.

We have not identified the classical scene in relief on the front --- which includes three people standing around a seated woman.   The same scene can be found on other Jasperware pieces now available online.   But, the color of this dish is not one that you usually find.   It is an interesting gray blue (or blue gray).   The center scene and the border's bas-relief decoration are in the usual contrasting white.   The border is made of oak leaves and acorns.   This elegant cameo style small plate in the shape of a heart is a unique piece --- in a rare (HTF) color and signed!

According to one source, Wedgwood Jasperware was produced in solid gray from 1771 until about 1820.  It was produced again in about 1960 for trials only.  It was re-introduced in 1991, but was discontinued because of the color's unpopularity.  So you can now buy this popular Wedgwood heart shape in a unique and hard to find (HTF) color. 

The maker’s mark stamped into the back includes   WEDGWOOD     MADE IN ENGLAND.

There are other marks stamped on the back, but we can not read all of them completely (the letter at the lower left corner of the WEDGWOOD mark is an S) --- so take a look at our photos.


Signed at the bottom on the back, hand written in gold ---  

Mike Hughes      Master Craftsman     1994.


At the top on the back, it was also signed/inscribed --

Virginia    With Love     Chuck + Leith.


This unique English collectible would be a perfect Valentine’s Day gift.

Dimensions:   4 ¼” x 4 ¾”

Although we dusted the dish before the photo session, we missed some (so we will wipe off all the dust before packing it)!   We did not wash the Jasperware dish since we did not want to disturb the inscriptions on the back.   On the front of the dish there is a faint mark in the upper right area --- which looks like it might be from a drop of “liquid”.   The new owner can choose to gently and carefully wash the dish.


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