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Vintage Silhouette Reverse Painting / Print on Glass Interior Scene with Woman Sewing

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Vintage Silhouette Reverse Painting / Print on Glass

Interior Scene with Woman Sewing  --  black / gold / copper


This exceptional vintage silhouette (reverse painting / print) on glass is among the best we have ever had. In this very detailed interior scene a woman is seated in a chair next to a small table (with her sewing basket on it). As she sits there sewing (doing some type of needlework), we can examine all of the details of the scene – the rug, the wood floor, the chest of drawers (with a basket or vase of flowers on it), silhouettes and portraits hanging on the wall. The paper backing behind the glass is a light tan color. A manufacturer’s name and copyright date are in black at the lower left corner. Since part of the paper cover on the back of the frame survives, we are lucky that a paper label is still available to give us more “history”. The label is from the JOSEPH HORNE CO. and it reads  PICTURE DEPT   ARTISTIC FRAMING. The number 8835 is handwritten in the “box” at the bottom of the label.


The Joseph Horne Company (Joseph Horne’s or Hornes’s) was founded in 1849 --- and its illustrious history came to an end in 1994. It was an iconic regional department store chain based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (see its Wikipedia entry for a complete history). In addition to the retail part of the business, there was a wholesale business -- the Pittsburgh Dry Goods Company.


This very beautiful reverse scene on glass has a black border on the glass. The inner “liner” of the frame is especially nice; the gold design in relief adds a luxurious touch. The deep molding of the wood frame almost creates a shadow box look. The frame’s wood molding is a bit worn and scratched. If you want to rejuvenate it, you could use lemon oil or something like Old English scratch oil. On the back, only parts of the original paper backing survive (and the paper is very fragile --- and continues to fall apart ------ so you might want to hold it together with some tape). On the back there is a wire for hanging. Because of drying over many years, the corners of the frame are not totally tight.


This elegant silhouette scene combines black with metallic gold and copper. So that combination of “paint” colors together with the fine quality and detail of the scene itself, and the fancy gilt inner liner of the frame ---- all combine to create an exceptionally beautiful vintage silhouette picture.


Approximate Dimensions:

5 ¾” wide

Just over 6 ½” tall

1 ½” deep

“Window” opening (including the black border)     under 3 ¾” x under 4 ½”


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