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Ann L. Carter (Kansas) 1993 Original Art children, watermelon, quilt Exceptional

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Ann L. Carter (Kansas) 1993 Original Art children, watermelon, quilt

"Sunday afternoon, eating & spitting"


This wonderful mixed media collage original by Manhattan, Kansas artist Ann L. Carter is signed and dated ’93 by the artist.  She has also written the title at the lower left --- Sunday afternoon, eating & spitting.   This delightful scene features four seated children eating watermelon in front of a beautiful star quilt (hanging against horizontal siding).  The quilt “panel” is on a separate piece of paper that has been attached at the top and then “tucked in” behind the children’s heads.   This interesting original work of art seems to combine printmaking with collage --- with perhaps some painted and drawn (pencil) details.


It is a wonderful presentation of the simple joys of childhood.  All four children are “looking out” at us with a range of facial expressions as they enjoy their slices of watermelon.  They appear to be on a porch.  The four blonde kids are enjoying the warm summer weather as they stretch and wiggle their bare feet (toes). 


For those who value owning original works of art, this is a wonderful piece for collectors who focus on the following “themes” --- children, childhood, watermelon, quilts, star quilts, Kansas scenes, the simple pleasures of life, etc. …………


It was framed in Manhattan, Kansas (a label is on the back).  The metal frame is 13 ¼” x 15 5/8” x under 7/8”.  The mat window is under 9“ x 11 3/8“. It has a wire on the back for hanging.  The frame is in good used condition; there are some rubs, scratches, marks, wear, etc. from age/use/handling.


The following information on the Ann L. Carter is from the website of the Junction City Arts Council (JC Arts):


Artists Bio: 

Ann Carter lives in Manhattan, Kansas where she teaches English as a second language and works as a printmaker. Since 1987 her work has been accepted in over 20 regional and national juried shows and two permanent collections. She was a winner in the 1990, 1992, 1994, and 1996 Kansas Artists’ Postcard Series and was the commissioned artist for the 1993 Salina Smoky Hill River Festival Print.


Her print “100% Natural” comes from the idea of fruit and vegetables grown organically, but it also implies that the man and woman are 100% natural – just ordinary people. Stopping at a farm stand to buy locally helps remind us that real people worked hard to produce the food we put on our tables. 


Artist Statement:

I am fascinated by patterns and how they work off one another to add complexity and interest to what I see in real life and in art. But perhaps patterns interest me so much because they are often manmade, a sing of our need to add beauty and interest to everyday life. Even the simplest persons, no matter how unaesthetic they think they are, make choices about the patterns they surround themselves with. I wan to use the wallpaper of someone’s house, the flowers on a handbag, and the arrangement of the mantle, to show how a person thinks and see the world.


I’ve been influenced by my many travels and work experiences abroad. Travel has shown me the basic similarities in people all over the world, the human quality that we all possess. I emphasize this human quality when portraying the old, the poor, the minorities, and the very young because I believe they must hang on very tightly to retain their dignity in this society. When someone looks and my artwork, I hope they walk away with a little bit better understanding of the essence of being human.


More recently, I have worked on Kansas landscapes and experimenting integrating my work with digital media.



After first posting this wonderful original work of art on one ecommerce sales venue, we contacted the artist.  Ann Carter has very graciously responded, and has provided information on both this work and on another that we own (and plan to offer for sale).  With her permission, we will provide additional information on this work to the buyer.  Ann Carter has given permission to share the following links (check them out and you will get a more comprehensive understanding of her and her wonderful works of art):

the mini doc:

 the link to artprintexpress:


PHOTOGRAPHY NOTE:  Because of the glass, there is significant “interference” (glare, reflections, etc.) in the photos we have taken of Ann L. Carter’s original work of art.  We tried to hold the camera at angles to reduce the reflections, but then there are distortions (foreshortening, etc.).  So, if you have any questions at all, please contact us.


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