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Vintage American Eagle Cast Iron Base Table Stool Bench unique federal decor

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This unique vintage / antique cast iron base has been in our collection for many years.  We put a rectangular piece of nineteenth century marble on it – and used it as a small table.  We sometimes used it as a distinctive base on which to display and feature special works of art (statues, art pottery, baskets, etc.).

We are selling the base by itself – so you can be creative.  To use it as a petite occasional table, you can put glass, marble or wood on it.  You could also use it as the base for an upholstered footstool or small bench (the perfect size for children).

Although it would be sad to dismantle it, the two ends could be turned into wall décor (although that might require cutting the brackets/ braces of the structure).  If you do put glass on it to use it as a table, be sure to put four little protective “cushions” at the four points where the cast iron supports the glass.


Approximate measurements:


Maximum height                                                    under 13”

Maximum width at top                                           12 5/8”

Maximum width at bottom                               over 11 ¼”

Maximum length at top                                            16 ½”

Maximum length at base                                          17 ¼”  

Maximum length including the two eagles         18 ½”



We have always used it just as it was when we acquired it.  The old black paint shows wear in some areas --- so there are some spots where you can see that the cast iron has rusted.  There are also some spots of white paint. 

At each end there is an eagle (in deep relief), a “rosette” on each corner above the eagle and a papyrus / tree design on each leg below the eagle.

It is structurally solid.  All of the “fasteners” are solid.  At one end, the center of the top center fastener (just above the eagle’s head) has paint chipped off.   

In many years of collecting, this is the only old eagle cast iron stand we have owned.  It looks like there are many generations of paint – and in some areas (especially the eagles’ wings) the thick surface build up of paint obscures some of the finer details of the relief. 

We have not determined the exact age of this eagle “base”.  We have owned several other unusual bases from the late 1800s through the first decades of the 1900s, but this old federal eagle is quite different from the equally unique Art Nouveau and Art Deco iron stands/bases/benches we have owned.


The following information was provided by a customer:

"........ this cast iron leg unit was originally the base to a wood and/ or coal stove. The upright corners that sit above the horizontal line of casting, would have fit into indents or holes in the bottom of the stove."


All of the art work and collectibles being sold by Adams-Byrd have been collected and selected one at a time by the proprietor, an art historian with many years of training and experience in university art history departments, museums, galleries and historic sites both in the U.S. and abroad.  Our small family business has been based in the Washington, D.C. area for many years.  Our online presence has now replaced our brick & mortar locations. The art and collectibles that we are offering to discerning shoppers are special and unique pieces that have been carefully “curated” by us.


**************************************** PLEASE NOTE --- This is being sold as LOCAL PICKUP ONLY.  If you cannot pick it up yourself in the Washington, D.C. area, we will be glad to refer you to packers/shippers such as the FEDEX OFFICE store and the UPS Store.  There is no charge for us to deliver the eagle base to either packer after you have hired one of them.      *************************************************************************************

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