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Vintage / Antique American Elementary School Class Photograph Teacher with 41 Students

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This school class photo from the early 20th century shows a large class of very serious young pupils with their teacher (at the back right).  It presents an interesting study of American children’s clothing and hair styles from the early 1900s.  The hair bows come in all sizes up to the biggest on the little girl at the center of the top row.  The stylish young man at the center of the second row even has a pocket square, and his classmate at the center of the front row holds the American flag.

This document of a tradition in American education — the class photo — survives in its original frame.  This original photograph is mounted on a dark paper backing and is protected under glass.  Please excuse the interference from reflections and glare in the photos; we took photos at a variety of angles to try to get better views through the glass.

The frame is 8 1/4” x 6 1/4” x 3/8” deep.  On the back there is paper backing, a green cord between two small eye screws and a metal hook at the top center.  The two small nails at the bottom are still in place, but the two that had been at the top are missing, so it is loose at the top (& we are leaving it up to the new owner to replace the little nails if desired).  The wood frame has a gold painted finish.  It is in good condition; there are some dings and chips at corners and along the edges.

The price includes shipping to U.S. customers.

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