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Vienna Wien Opera House Set of 5 Vintage Coasters Made in Austria

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This vintage set of coasters features photographs of the beautiful Wiener Staatsoper.  The cork backed coasters feature four interior views and one exterior view of this European landmark.  These coasters have been stored in their box for many years – but with the bottom inside the lid so the coasters were “exposed”.  So the coaster that was on top (the interior view with chandeliers and tapestries) has some slight indentations from other things - in the same drawer - on/against it.  They are still in their charming original Austrian box, but some of the corners and edges are no longer perfect because of years of storage and handling.

Each of the five coasters is 4” x 4” x ¼” (thick). There is a gold finish on the edges of the coasters.  A white paper label on one side of the box lid reads  ---      OPER/WIEN   made in Austria

If you are familiar with the famous PIMPERNEL coasters made in England, these are similar to them.

The Austrian designs on the box lid include a peacock, a triple candelabra, a bird and a scene with a girl / woman standing next to flowers in an urn.

These are great functional collectibles for everyone who loves Vienna, Austria, the opera, opera houses, etc.  If you have a room with an opera theme, these will be perfect!

Thinking outside of the box, you can also display them as art / décor items.  You can frame them individually --- or all together in one frame.  Or, when you are not using them as coasters, you can display each --- as a little work of art --- on a small tabletop easel or stand.


The following is from National Geographic’s list of the top ten opera houses in the world:


Vienna Staatsoper, Vienna, Austria

Built in 1869, the Staatsoper was inaugurated with a performance of Mozart’s Don Giovanni. Its reputation as the center of Viennese musical life has long been established, and the Staatsoper remains one of the world’s top opera houses. Although much of it was destroyed on March 12, 1945, when the Allies bombed the city toward the end of World War II, the grand staircase and some of the other public areas miraculously survived. For an idea of how things looked before the air raid, walk through the main doors into the box office foyer. The theater you see now reopened after the Russian occupation of Austria ended, and the first piece performed there was Ludwig van Beethoven’s Fidelio, a hymn to freedom.


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