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Flower Painting Fall Asters and Goldenrod 1969 signed Powell of Hagerstown Maryland

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This delightful small floral still life oil painting has the title written on the back -- "Fall Asters and Goldenrod).  As noted on the back, it was painted by Mr. Thomas B. Powell of Hagerstown, Maryland (her address -- in 1969 -- is also included).  

She signed and dated the painting on the front at the lower right.  It appears to read P. H. Powell '69.  We have done some research in the Hagerstown, Maryland newspapers of the 1960s, but all references to her, as was the custom then, are to Mrs. Thomas B. Powell.  So we have not determined her first and middle names, and we are not sure if the initials are P. H., P. A., or perhaps something else.

This small oil painting was done on a canvas panel.  The wonderful display of flowers features shades of violet, purple, orange and yellow ... and the vase and background are neutral.

The inner edge of the oak frame is painted white.  The frame is approximately 7" x 9". The inner window is 4 3/8" x 6 1/4". The frame is under 1 1/4" deep.  It has a wire on the back for hanging.  Its small size makes it an excellent candidate for display on a small tabletop easel or stand.

Fortunately, the hand printed information on the original paper backing (which is cracked/torn from age and wear) "documents" the painting.  Without that, we would never have known it was done by a woman artist in Hagerstown, Maryland.  There has always been a very active art community in Hagerstown, and where there is a well known city park and art museum.  In fact, the owner of Adams-Byrd Collection had some of her first introductions to art on daily trips to that museum. 

The printed information on the paper backing reads:

"Tall Asters and Goldenrod"    (oil)   Painted by Mrs. Thos. B. Powell

Hagerstown, Md.   21740   R.R.#3   Box 103

(There is a small number 5 at the top right, perhaps the number assigned to this painting in an art exhibition or contest -- or perhaps she numbered paintings in sequence ... or within series she was doing.  The number 69626 appears to have been written in a different ink; perhaps it was a later inventory number.)

We don't know its entire history since 1969; we purchased it several years ago in a shop in the Maryland suburbs of D.C.


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