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Original Painting Open Air Market Scene – a Thai (?) Leaf Painting - signed

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This beautiful vintage original painting of an open air market scene appears to be a traditional “leaf painting” from Thailand.  The dried leaves were applied to a panel (masonite??) ---- and then the scene was drawn (with ink) and painted.  There are five seated figures; at least three of them are women, and perhaps all five of them are.  The entire scene is a puzzle like still life of hats, baskets, sticks / poles, produce, and fabrics.  The human element is de-emphasized.  We can only see one face; the figures and the interesting patterns of their clothes all become part of the packed vortex of exotic and complex patterns.  The brown of the background, the leaves, the baskets and the hats makes the pops of color even more dramatic.  There is a lot to visually explore in the intertwined activity of this busy scene.  We love and collect market and vendor scenes, and this is one of the most interesting and beautiful in our collection. 

The thin gold gilt inner liner provides a subtle and dramatic transition between the painting and the wide frame (covered in green silk).  The frame is 14 ½” x 13 3/8” x ½”.  The “window” is 8 7/8” x 7 ¾”.

The painting is signed by the artist on both the front and the back.  The name appears to be S. Tonglaw.  On the front, the signature is in the lower right corner.  On the back, it is in the center.  We have suggested that the painting is from Thailand; the Philippines is another source of leaf paintings.

The painting surface is “exposed” (there is no glass); it is in very good condition.  On the gold inner liner and on the green silk covering the frame, there are some marks / rubs / wear, etc. from age and handling.

As we said above, we believe this beautiful and exotic leaf painting is from Thailand.  If you recognize it as being from someplace else and/or if you know something about the artist, feel free to contact us.

This would be a special addition to a collection of original art and collectibles that includes a focus on leaves, baskets, basket / woven hats, produce markets, vendors and vending, paintings on indigenous materials, etc.  


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