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Jan Peterson Original Embossed Print NIGHTY NIGHT SLEEP TIGHT .. BEDBUGS BITE

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This charming original hand pulled embossed paper print is by Jan Peterson of Port Crane, New York.   The title SLEEP TIGHT is at the lower left; in the center at the bottom it is numbered 130/600 (130 out of an edition of 600), and at the lower right it is signed JAN PETERSON.  

This charming original American print, based on the old fashioned SLEEP TIGHT saying, has a border of flowers, moons, stars, a sun, dolphins / porpoises, birds, bunnies / rabbits, sheep, a hog / pig, ducks / geese and lizards / salamanders.   It is primarily white --- with hand painted touches of color (yellow, blue, green, pink).  

We like this older version by Peterson of SLEEP TIGHT with the menagerie of creatures completely surrounding the saying.   The more recent version of this theme in Peterson’s Children’s Collection includes just two sheep and two bears.   

The following information is from the artist’s website (for her business JAN PETERSON DESIGNS):



     Jan Peterson has been creating and selling her designs in various forms for 40 years.   She works from her home studio in Port Crane, New York (it's near Binghamton).   Her embossed paper designs can be seen at shops and galleries in the northeast including "A Mano Gallery" in New Hope, Pa and at "Gallery 3 2 1" in Oxford, NY.

To make the paper embossing, Jan creates the design in black and white, keeping in mind that the black areas will be raised in the finished product. The design is transferred photographically to a zinc plate. The plate is etched with acid (a photo engraving). The dark areas of the design are now deeply etched into the metal plate.  The plate and wet printmaking paper and hand pulled through an etching press. The pressure pushes the paper into the etched image. After the paper is dried, touches of color are painted by hand. Any color touches can be changed as desired and colors  mixed to match fabric or wallpaper swatches."



The blue metal frame is approximately 10 1/8” wide and 10 ¼” tall (and 1” deep).   There is a wire on the back for hanging.   There is also a Unique Gallery (Gaithersburg, Maryland) label on the back.   The frame is in used condition, with a few small scratches / rubs.   The original print is in good condition --- protected under glass.  There are a couple little specks (dust) between the glass and the lower border of the print ---- and one appears to be a tiny bug (although we don’t think that when it was alive it was a bedbug).  That is appropriate for the subject, but you might want to disassemble the frame and take it out.


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