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Girl Holding Her Puppy “SYMPATHY” Antique Chromolithograph Book Illustration

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This antique chromolithograph is an illustration from the late 19th century book “All round the Clock”.  Published (c. 1890) in New York by E. P. Dutton & Company, it was written by Robert Ellie Mack and illustrated by Harriett M. Bennett. 

The girl is sitting on a large (upside down) basket surrounded with hay.  She is cuddling her dog, wrapped in the white apron of her red dress.  The title at the bottom is SYMPATHY.  

This original chromolithograph is matted and wrapped in protective shrink wrap.  On the back there is a photocopy of the book’s title page.

We acquired this in recent years, but it was obviously matted in the 1980s or 1990s by a print dealer who put this statement on the back:  

Antiquarian Prints

This chromo-lithograph is guaranteed to be genuine and OVER 90 years old.

c. 1888-1890

The mat is 10” x 12”.  The mat window is 6” x 8”.

Because it is completely wrapped in protective shrink wrap, it is difficult to photograph it… there is interference from glare and reflections.

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