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ELLEN Antique American Lithograph by Nathaniel Currier 1845 published in New York

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This original 19th century American lithograph, titled “ELLEN” is by the famous American lithographer Nathaniel Currier.  Nathaniel Currier (1813-1888) was the founder of the New York printmaking business Currier & Ives (James Ives 1824-1895).  It was in operation from 1835 to 1907.  The very well known business name Currier & Ives first appeared in 1857 when the company’s bookkeeper and accountant James Ives became Nathaniel Currier’s business partner.

This lithograph is dated 1845, a decade after Nathaniel Currier started his printmaking business and twelve years before the name change and partnership with Ives.  The information in tiny print just below this portrait of Ellen reads:

LITH. & PUB. BY N. CURRIER  Entered according to Act of Congress in the year 1845 by N. Currier in the Clerk’s office of the District Court of the Southern District of New York   33 SPRUCE ST.   N.Y.

In this hand colored original 19th century lithograph, Ellen is looking out at the viewer as she holds a book in her right hand and a flower in her left hand.  She wears a red dress and her face is framed by by ringlets of black hair. A table with a mirror is behind her, and on each side of the table there is a vase with flowers (like the flower she is holding).  The scene is framed in the background by drapes on the left and right.

This Nathaniel Currier original lithograph is matted and protected under non-glare glass (which makes it difficult to get clear photos that are in focus).  It was reframed in a shop in Wichita Falls, Texas (per the stamped label on the brown paper on the back) by a previous owner in a frame that has the look of a 19th century frame.  The frame is in very good condition, with minimal marks/dings from age and handling.

Over several years we have only been able to find one other “Ellen”, and it is in the collections of the Springfield Museums in Springfield, Massachusetts.

The frame, which has a narrow gilt inner edge, is about 18” x 14” x 1 1/4“.  The mat window is about 12 1/2“ x 8 1/2”.  

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