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Elegant Fruit Still Life Decorative Painting on Wood Cutting Board signed Folk Art Vintage

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This is the most elegant painting of fruit that we have ever seen on a wood cutting board.  It has a Della Robbia look.  The display of fruit includes an apple, a pear, cherries, grapes, strawberries, other berries and plums.  The flowers appear to be strawberry blossoms.  The array of colors is accented with touches of gold.  The very skilled artist signed the painting on wood at the lower right --- H. H. Q. (or perhaps it is H. H. C.).  We got it years ago from a friend (a West Point / Army wife) who told us that she added some of the border details (and she also signed / initialed it in the lower right corner).  The base color on the front of the wood is a light tan (or dark ivory).  The scalloped border and the dots are lighter.  

There was a string through the hole at the top (in the center of the handle).  We have hung this vintage painting from the string loop for years, but since the string was about to break, we have removed it.  You can tie another loop of cord / string through the hole in the handle, but you could also just hang it on a nail.   

Maximum dimensions:     17 ¾” x 9” x ¾”.

There is a semi-glossy protective coating on the front and the sides.  There are a few small spots where the coating is chipped / rubbed from handling and age.

We are not sure of the type of wood.  On the back, the grain of the wood looks like it is mahogany.  There are some discolorations on the back.  Perhaps it was used as an actual cutting / serving board before it became a painting “canvas” --- or perhaps someone used it as a functional piece after it was painted.

This could be the artistic centerpiece of your serving table if you have a piece of clear acrylic cut to cover and protect the painting.

If you want to turn it into a “traditional” matted and framed painting, you could frame it with a very wide mat (wide enough to cover the handle) --- centered to feature only the fruit.

We presume that this fruit still life is American decorative painting.  We do not recall if our late friend (who added some of the decorative border) told us where she acquired it --- or if it is American or European.


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