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Elegant Formal Vintage Classic Chippendale Camelback Sofa

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  • This very high quality formal Chippendale sofa is ready to bring elegant refinement to your home or office. There is no manufacturer's or upholsterer's label on it, but it is a very high quality older sofa with a solid and heavy wood frame (and the legs appear to be mahogany). The construction and the upholstery show exceptional craftsmanship. We have looked at many photos of Chippendale sofas trying to determine the maker, but we have not yet found one with the exact design/shape/proportions.

We purchased it for ourselves years ago. We once used it for staging in one of our former retail settings, but it was not for sale. Since it might be years before it makes it into our home to replace something else, we have decided it needs to be sold to someone who can use and love it now.

It is a classic and shapely camelback Chippendale sofa in very good condition. The upholstery color is a rust/dark peach-salmon; the color changes in different lights.

The striated background has an all over pattern that is woven into the fabric. Notice the piping at seams/edges and the zippered separate seat cushion (that has anchor hooks at the two ends).

It is in very good condition. There are just some signs of use/wear if you look closely. There are some very faint stains on the cushion. We do not remember them from when we purchased it years ago, so perhaps they happened/appeared when it was on display (as a staging piece) or when it was stored.

If you look closely at the front lower edge of the long cushion, you can see a bit of wear to the piping / cording.

This would be an elegant centerpiece for any room. Its simple and classic lines permit it to be mixed with many other styles. It could even be a dramatic "bench" at the foot of a king size bed. If you need a sofa in an office or office lobby, this would be an instant star! Since the upholstered back is in great condition, this elegant sofa can be placed in the center of a room ---- it does not have to be relegated to a wall.

It is ready to use in its current condition. Because it is a very high end quality piece, it would also be worth having it reupholstered for your decor. The solid wood legs can be easily spruced up with Old English scratch oil or lemon oil (to cover any rubs/dings/scratches).

This sofa is in an entirely different league from the current light weight and low quality Chippendale sofas available at many retail locations. As you probably know, a lot of modern upholstered furniture even has cardboard and particleboard used inside --- and often the legs and feet are cast resin or plastic. By contrast, this is a piece that exemplifies old world craftsmanship.

An investment in an older and very high quality sofa  that is well designed and constructed is a wise decision.

[ PHOTOGRAPHY -- Please note that the bad overhead lighting caused "glares" due to the slight sheen of the upholstery fabric's surface. These glares or reflections mean that you have to look at multiple photos to confirm the very good condition of this beautiful sofa. We do have more photos in addition to the posted photos (Craigslist's maximum of 24). ]

This is for sale as a LOCAL PICKUP ONLY item.  The price does NOT include delivery/shipping.  Of course, if you are not in the Washington, D.C. area, you can still purchase it and have it picked up by a shipper/mover.


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