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2 MCM Danish Style Stacking Stools upholstered cushions orig condition Blast Off

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2 MCM Danish Style Stacking Stools

-- upholstered cushions

-- original condition

-- Blast Off


PLEASE NOTE -- PACKING & SHIPPING ARE NOT INCLUDED IN THE PRICE.  These two stools are being sold as Local Pick Up Only items, but if you cannot pick them up in the Washington, D.C. area, we can provide the contact names of several good packers/shippers.  Once you hire one of them, there is no additional charge for us to deliver the stacking stools to the packer/shipper you have hired.


This pair of stacking stools is a blast from the past.  In fact they look a little bit like they are blasting off from the launch pad --- and some might also describe them as flying saucers (one "levitating" a bit above the other). 


The two upholstered (and attached) cushions were done in a solid green and yellow that were very fashionable years ago (both for home furnishings and kitchen appliances!).  There are only two, even though they were initially part of a set (of three) decades ago.  They are in usable good vintage condition.  The wood bases and the great tapered legs could be spruced up with some Old English oil (for dark wood).  The vinyl / naugahyde upholstery is in good condition.  There are some slight impressions from things that were on them or against them.  We cleaned off some surface dirt, and just a bit remains. (We only had some Fantastik cleaner with us at the photo session, and it just smeared some dark spots into lines -- so something more effective will have to be used to remove the dirt.)  Note that the naugahyde is used for the piping at the seams (around the top and the bottom edges of the cushions).


These are great to use as seating next to a low table (such as a coffee table).  They are a good usable size!  They would be great mid century modern footstools.    Either stacked or individually you could use them as low table / serving surfaces.


These have been well taken cared for over many decades --- so they are ready to use with just minimal prep work required at most.  Of course, some might want to refinish them and reupholster them to fit their own decor.


There are no manufacturer or store labels on either stool, so we cannot say definitively if these were made in Scandinavia (Denmark ??), the U.S., etc.  .................




Total height when stacked               about 15"

Diameter of seat cushion                 about 16 1/4"

Height of legs (each has 3 legs)      under 5 1/4" + 3/4" thickness of the three part wood support (for the cushion) =  6"  height of wood base




REMEMBER ----- Shipping IS NOT included.  We will work with you (and make suggestions for packers/shippers), but you will be paying the packer/shipper directly (after you purchase the stools from us).  If you want to pick them up, please contact us.  We might be able to meet you part way --- depending on where you live or work.



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