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Folk Art Angels with Trumpets Paper Cutting Scherenschnitte Calico Apple signed & framed

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This pair of trumpeting angels is a paper cutting by the Calico Apple.  This traditional scherenschnitte (scissors cutting) is signed with initials at the lower right edge of the right angel’s dress.  

The angels are in silhouette — facing each other with their trumpets joined at the center.  Each folk art angel has a heart on her chest and three hearts as a border along the hem of her dress.

Since there are a variety of artists’ initials on Calico Apple paper cuttings we have seen online and in vintage/antique shops over the years, several scherenschnitte artists did paper cuttings for the Calico Apple.  We know from other framed ones we have seen with Calico Apple labels that it was based in Jackson, Mississippi.

The paper is antiqued by the artist, so it looks older than it is.  We have never seen a Calico Apple paper cutting that is dated, but we would guess that they are from the 1980s and 90s.  This one was a wedding gift, but most of what was written on the back (with a ballpoint pen) was blacked out with magic marker (before we acquired it). But with a raking light, we can make out part of the blacked out wedding date in one corner — 198_ (the last number might be a 6 or 8).

The large printed paper label on the back reads:

Scherenschnitte by the Calico Apple Scherenschnitte:scissors cuttings in the Pennsylvania German tradition.  This folk art was brought to Pennsylvania in the 18th century by Swiss and German people fleeing religious persecution.  The main forms at that time were religious pieces, documents and love letters. 

This original paper cutting is protected under glass — so please excuse the interference in the photos from glare and reflections.

The paper cutting of mirror image trumpeting angels is mounted on a dark blue paper background. The wood frame is 10” x 6 1/2”.  The frame window is 7” x 3 1/2”.  There is a zigzag metal hook on the back to hang it.  It could also be displayed on a small easel on a table or shelf.

The frame is in very good condition with just a couple of very small dings (that you can conceal with a tiny dab of Old English scratch oil).


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