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Torpedo Factory Art Center - A Premier Source of Original Art in Alexandria, Virginia - Artist Marilynn Spindler

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We spent some time Monday afternoon in the studio of Marilynn Spindler, an exceptional artist whose studio we strongly encourage you to visit.  Her Torpedo Factory space in Old Town Alexandria is set up to welcome, inform & inspire everyone -- from children (who can touch & feel a painting) to aficionados/connoisseurs/collectors who recognize excellence (& are still thrilled to view works in progress -- & learn more about a painter's working methods & creative process). 


Whether you are just starting an art collection or adding to one, any purchase from this very talented painter & photographer would be a very wise choice!  The level of excellence is absolutely consistent in all of the outstanding paintings on display.  After our visit, we checked out her website ( to learn more about her and her paintings and photographs.  We were delighted that on our first visit to her studio we had the distinct pleasure of visiting with her.


Go online and learn more about the history of this famous art center that is the creative and artistic heart and soul of historic Old Town Alexandria.  With this resource available to Washington, D.C. area residents and visitors, there is absolutely no reason why anyone (within a reasonable driving distance) should be going to decor stores to purchase imported "fakes" of any type of art or fine craft (see our previous blog post) --- when a mind-boggling and eye-popping abundance of genuine originals is conveniently available in one amazing place.


Perhaps a visit or visits to the Torpedo Factory will also inspire many to venture out to individual galleries and shops that feature new, vintage as well as antique works of art and craft.  Wherever you live or work, you can fine tune your own "eye" by looking and learning everywhere  --  always being open to new sources.  Also be sure to include museums and historic sites --- of all types and sizes --- as part of your never ending cultural and artistic education!


For those who are just beginning their exploration of art appreciation and art collecting, the artists (and their work) in this unique waterfront building in Alexandria provide an excellent start.


The renewed interest in Old Town Alexandria (thanks to the hit PBS show Mercy Street) will be providing the artists (with TF studios) the opportunity to introduce even more visitors to the artistic gem and soul of creative life in Alexandria.  


We hope that the artists (and the TFAC administrators and staff) will eagerly embrace all outreach / educational opportunities whether their visitor is an art neophyte, a seasoned collector, a first time or repeat visitor or an inquisitive Mercy Street "pilgrim" checking out all that wonderful and historic Alexandria has to offer.  We must admit that even though we are locals, Mercy Street (& one family member's work on it) did even prompt us to re-visit some Old Town sites Monday (including Carlyle House / Mansion House) --- before we made our way to the TFAC.

Over the years we have been delighted to find and purchase works by current and former Torpedo Factory "all stars" (and, in fact, we currently have a few of them for sale on our online shops).  Some of our  treasure hunt "finds" were purchased from collectors and some were even purchased directly from the artists (in some cases even after they had retired from the TFAC).  We strongly encourage everyone to take advantage of the TFAC and its current artists --- as an absolutely unique and extraordinary resource.  Continue your education in art appreciation and connoisseurship by visiting the studios and galleries there -- and by talking with the artists.  


As an art historian, scholar, academic -- and former artist/craftsperson -- I could write about why Marilynn Spindler's work is excellent.  I could tell you what connections it evokes for me -- from memories, from comparisons with artists and paintings in the history of art (after all my years in universities, museums and historic sites), etc. ....... but I will instead just invite you to visit the paintings and the artist.


See how you like and respond to her paintings. See which you like better than others and try to figure out why.  But don't think and analyze too much.  Enjoy your first visit and then return another time with a fresh perspective when you take another look (assuming some of your "old friends" hanging on the wall have not yet been sold).  In Marilynn Spindler's studio and in the studios of all the other phenomenal artists who energize this place, just enjoy the opportunity to learn about genuine and high quality art from professional artists.  Proceed throughout all of the studios and gallery spaces in this historic waterfront building and see which works of art "speak" to you.


Then when you leave the Torpedo Factory Art Center refreshed and re-energized by your experiences there, be sure to let others know what they are missing if they have not yet discovered (and become addicted to) this premier source of artistic masterpieces (in all styles, sizes and price points).      




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