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The Original Square Egg Maker Vintage Japan retro kitchen cuber tool + box

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This is THE ORIGINAL quirky, funky and fun THE SQUARE EGG MAKER which was made in Japan for The Square Egg Co., Inc. in Miami, Florida.  

The plastic shaper / cuber is a pale orange/yellow/gold color.   There are four parts to this food shaping contraption – the outer casing, the round lid that screws on and the two interior parts.   The original box (printed in black and white) has the directions on one side (although part of step number 2 is unreadable).  


1.      Place warm, peeled hard-boiled egg into chamber making sure base plate is flat in position.

2.      Place … on top of egg……..

3.      Screw top down until egg becomes square.   (For best results, place Square Egg Maker in refrigerator for 10 minutes.)

4.      Remove Square Egg by pushing bottom plate up with finger.


If you like the idiomatic expression about a square peg in a round hole, you will probably love the Square Egg Maker!

If your collection has an egg theme, this vintage kitchen collectible might be the most interesting addition to your collection.


Approximate Dimensions:

Height       3 5/8”

Diameter of round top        2 5/8”

Square base      1 13/16” x 1 13/16”


The box is about 3 ¾” x 2 ¾” x 2 3/4”.   The box is in good vintage condition, but shows wear from age and handling (and marks from where there were price tags).


The plastic egg shaper is in excellent condition.   It appears to be unused.

If you like to think outside of the box in the kitchen, this retro kitchen accessory is ready to be a conversation piece ---- and to make your hard-boiled eggs unique!


According to the Foodiggity site:


“ Apparently invented to combat pesky round eggs from rolling off plates—a mad genius, perhaps psychopath came up with the ‘Egg Cuber’. Stan Pargman set up the Square Egg Co. (seriously) in 1976 to make this contraption that encases a cooked, peeled egg and, after a few minutes, releases it reshaped.”

The site subsequently noted, after getting comments from readers,   “ The second half of the story is that it was later found out that the original prototype was invented by Masashi Nakagawa—not Stan Pargman. Nakagawa confirmed that the cubed egg was for aesthetic purpose only. Good call on the Japanese influence.”


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