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Boy with White Rabbit - Antique Chromolithograph in original frame

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This is a special find in our search for unique antique works of art featuring children with animals.  We have never seen this delightful antique print of a child with a white rabbit before.  In this 19th century original chromolithograph, a smiling young boy sits in a doorway tenderly feeding a white bunny.  There is a sweetness, tenderness and engagement that is lacking in the widely reproduced early 19th century painting (1814) of a boy with a rabbit by Sir Henry Raeburn.  

The scene in our antique chromolithograph print is the lower/middle class and happy version of the detached and emotionless pair in the very well known painting by Raeburn. Both include a boy wearing a cap, but the emotional vibes of the scenes and the socioeconomic and cultural contexts are worlds apart.  

The closeup focus on the boy seated on the doorstep and hunched over the white bunny in his lap shows us the sweetness and joy of the interaction between a child and an animal. Even the lighting on the boy’s face, arm, hand …and on the bunny makes this interlocked pair of friends even more compelling.

It is obviously in its original frame from the 1800s (probably from sometime in the last third of the 19th century).  When looking at the back, you can see that the wood backing panel has not been touched since the print was first framed. The wire and two eye screws appear to be the originals as well.

The unique frame molding was probably selected to reinforce the theme of the scene.  A chain of interlocking oval links on the frame surrounds the boy interlocked and intertwined with his fluffy companion.  

If you want to know what the link emoji (two interconnected closed metal links) means, here it is!  This is the nineteenth century manifestation of today’s link emoji — that is sometimes used to symbolize the strong connection between friends (or the love and commitment between partners).

This portrayal of friendship would be a great addition to a collection of antique and vintage art featuring children with animals.  If your collecting focuses on rabbits and bunnies this would be a one of a kind acquisition.  If your collection already includes an antique, vintage or modern print of Raeburn’s very widely reproduced and well known 1814 painting, this original 19th century chromolithograph would be a spectacular companion piece.

If you know anything about the 19th century painting that inspired this charming chromolithograph, please let us know! 

The very good condition of this antique framed art suggests it has been carefully handled for many generations. It is, of course, not in pristine/new condition because it had its 100th birthday years ago.

The wood frame has a dark gold gilt finish on the front.  The frame is approximately 10 1/4 x 14 1/4” and 7/8” deep. 

In the photographs please excuse the glare and reflections in the glass.  We tried to hold the camera at various angles to reduce the interference.

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