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Wonderful Oak Child Size Rocker Rocking Chair TOM SEELY made in U.S.A. heirloom quality GUC

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Wonderful Oak Child Size Rocker Rocking Chair TOM SEELY made in U.S.A. heirloom quality GUC

This wonderful and very sturdy child’s solid oak rocking chair was “Quality Crafted” in the U.S.A. by TOM SEELY FURNITURE, makers of “Antique Reproductions and Classics”.

This charming Windsor style small rocking chair is from our personal collection. It is in good used condition. There are some rubs / scratches / marks, but you can always spruce it up with lemon oil or Old English scratch oil (ask us for directions if you need them). We have used it for children ---- and then later for dolls and stuffed animals.

Everything about its design and construction is wonderful. We especially like the turnings, the shape of the seat and the elegant and tapered back splats. Tom Seely Furniture’s makers marks are stamped on the underside of the seat.

This splendid child’s rocking chair is definitely heirloom quality ---- and will provide enjoyment for generations to come.

We love child size furniture (antique, vintage and previously “loved”/used), so be sure to check out our eBay store for other unique pieces.


Approximate Dimensions:


Maximum height (at the center of the chair back)                                                    25 5/8"

Maximum depth (runners front to back - measured straight)                                   23 5/8"

Length of runners measured along the curve                                                           24 3/4"

Maximum width (at front of arms)                                                                            16"

Width at outside of runners at the front                                                                    14 1/4"

Width at outside of runners at the back                                                                    10 7/8"

Seat (side to side at the widest)                                                                                 14 7/8"

Seat (front to back at the center)                                                                               13 1/4"

Height of seat’s top surface at front center                                                               11 3/8"

Height of top surface of arms at the front                                                                 17 5/8"



*****************************************    FREE LOCAL PICK UP ONLY ----- but we can refer you to several moving companies and pack / ship businesses, and you can hire one of them to safely deliver this charming child size rocking chair.    *************** 


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